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February 16, 2016

Hi Relatives and Friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying winter.  We had very cold weather in December and January.  Snow usually melts in a couple of days, but this year we have had snow and ice remain for a few weeks.  Our home has a half-mile access road that is an unpaved single lane.  The drive leaving our garage is downhill with a hard left turn onto the access road.  It was so icy at times that I thought I was going to slide across the access road and into the ditch.  For a week, I made the easier turn to the right, drove a quarter mile to our neighbors house and turned around there.  I talked to our neighbor Annette and got her ok to do this.

I have had a series of art shows in Louisville, Longmont, Loveland and Boulder.  This Sunday I have a reception for my show at NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, on Table Mesa in Boulder.  This is a federal research facility that is a major player in climate change studies.  They have many exhibits explaining atmospheric phenomena.

This past Friday was another reception, this one celebrating Valentines Day at KL Realty.  Karen, the owner, likes my art and has several of my pieces in her office.

Son Scott and his three dogs are staying with us until he buys a home.  He is looking for a place in northern New Mexico.  Last fall Scott was in Mexico where he was adopted by a homeless dog.  Scott kept this medium size dog and it is quiet and friendly.  Both her front legs had been broken.  The left leg is now fine, the right one is mal-formed but is slowly healing.  Scott named the new dog Sabina.  You might remember that the Mexican drug lord El Chopo (Shorty) was once again arrested. I now call the dog Sabina La Chopa (Shorty for a female).  Ken calls her Whitey or Mexico because she is white and from Mexico.  She looks like the RCA Victor dog with a black patch around one eye.

That means we have five dogs in the house!  When I feed the birds at 6am all five dogs press against the door and burst out like I released the hammers of hell.  What a great sight to see.

Every week we walk down Crane Hollow road, which is about half a mile from our home.  This is a lovely, unpaved farm road with herds of cattle and dozens of great blue heron nests high in the cottonwood trees.  The largest known cottonwood tree is just East of the road.  Sadly, the tree has died but its structure is impressive.

We walk down the road which is a lovely country dirt road to a turn around point close to Hygiene Road.  This past Saturday we got to the far end of the road and turned around to return when a sheriff’s vehicle approached us and two armed deputies got out to question us.  One asked me “do you know why we stopped you”?  I said no.  Evidently we fit the description of a couple with two dogs who jumped a fence and entered Pella Crossing, a park that is closed due to flood damage.  They asked if we had a yellow (don’t remember the model) car.  I replied no, we have a wine colored Toyota now parked at the far end of Crane Hollow.  I also pointed out that we carried a plastic bag and we picked up the empty beer cans and whiskey bottles that the “good ole boys in pick up trucks” routinely throw out messing up this beautiful road.  We felt that these officers were too aggressive in questioning us.  Thankfully we are white and were not wearing hoodies.

What a circus has been created by the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination.  It is scary thinking that some are thinking of voting for them.  The first Iowa caucus had them calling out that the president should fall on his/her knees each morning and pray for God’s guidance and then they say that when elected they will start a war.  They are an embarrassment to the United States.

All thru President Obama’s presidency, republicans blamed him for putting us in debt.  But George W. Bush and his administration created most of that debt by invading Iraq and then causing the Great Recession.  The result was Al Queda and more radical killers.  What a mess!  Even Donald Trump spoke out about the Bush administration causing an unnecessary war and putting us into debt by trillions of dollars.   The Republican Party needs to rethink itself.  The tea party people are dragging our country down.  You may not agree with me, but I fear for the United States.  It has already diminished in stature from all this angry fighting and a serious lack of workable policies.  I have never in my life heard so much negativity and nastiness in a race for presidential candidate.

Getting back to home happenings, Scott will be traveling to New Mexico tomorrow, 2/29, to visit the local county clerk and copy the deed and plot plan for the home he is interested in purchasing.

This past Saturday was the Hygiene Fire Departments Pancake dinner fundraiser.  I donated 4 paintings for them to raffle or use as a silent auction.  It is always good to help the local fire department.

Beginning February 29, our section of St. Vrain road between 75th Street and 65th Street will be closed to traffic for one month.  This means that we must drive an extra mile or two to reach most destinations.

Also, coming up in early March is the Dead Guy Days in Nederland.  We enjoy the coffin races (you read that right).  Hope they have snow this year.  The six pallbearers run better and stay cleaner when the mud is deep under the snow.

Ken is doing more hiking in the mountains.  Each Thursday he joins a small group of athletic old-timers to tackle a 3 or 4-hour hike.  Recently, while exploring alone and off-trail, he discovered a cave that has been used as a campsite but appears to be untouched for years.  It has rough built shelves with old food containers and an artful plaque welcoming visitors:

Photo1 photo2 photo3














Hope you are all doing well.


Diane and Ken


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