Colorado Tales 68 – Election Blues

November 17th, 2016. Filed under: Uncategorized.

November 17, 2016

Dear Friends and Relatives,

I am climbing out of a black hole since the election of Donald Trump.  Never have I been so emotionally upset with an election.  I am 79 and have lived thru many presidencies.  Trump represents so much racial and religious prejudice that I feel our basic freedoms are in jeopardy. We have freedom of religion, but we also need freedom from religion.  Some of our extreme Christian religions want everyone to share their beliefs.  But belief is a very personal thing and every individual must choose whether they believe in a particular church with its doctrines and its god.

One thing that has encouraged me are demonstrations by our youth opposing Trump.  It gives me hope that the future will bring racial and religious acceptance and equality to the U.S.

Ken and I visited Turkey approximately 5 years ago and lived in the midst of 13 million Muslims.  They were friendly, kind and helpful.  We did not feel threatened at all.   I would not venture into Turkey today as it is no longer democratic; president Erdogan is turning it into a dictatorship.  Trump will attempt to do the same here.

We are in for a downward spiral for the reputation of the United States.  Also watch out for the congress getting rid of Social Security and Medicare, as we know them.

My son, Scott, and I attended a community meeting with over 200 people at the Longmont Museum last night.  The crowd overflowed into the entry hall with many sitting on the floor or standing in the hallways.  Our county District Attorney, Stan Garnett, lead the meeting and introduced members of the Community Protection Division who assist every county resident with legal services, LGBTQ support, mental health help and undocumented resident support.  The crowd’s enthusiastic show of support of our Latino/Hispanic population, whether documented or undocumented, was heartwarming.  We are a nation of immigrants.  All of my grandparents came here from Europe.

Colorado is the only state where our laws bar sharing state law enforcement records with the federal government.  That means Colorado police records that may include undocumented immigrants are not available to Trump’s federal enforcers.   There are cities in various states that share this separation, but it is not the entire state.

Ken keeps active with a hiking group.  Yesterday he left about 7:45 am to meet up with the group and hike in Rocky Mountain NP.  Our first winter storm will hit by midday and should make for nice photos.

I keep painting and showing my work.  Just recently I won People’s Choice Award at a show at the local Louisville library.

Scott is looking at a home in New Mexico located between Taos and Santa Fe.  The beautiful 3.5-acre property has a couple of hundred feet of frontage on the Rio Grande.  It is a lovely location with great natural beauty.

One problem Scott needs to address is the great quantity of weeds called goat heads on the property.  These things leave spiked seeds on the ground and those spikes penetrate shoes and dog paws.  Scott has three dogs.  The ground will need to be tilled and then treated with weed killer to eliminate the goat heads.

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.


Diane and Ken

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