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February 22nd, 2017. Filed under: Uncategorized.

I am slowly coming out of my depression that is the result of several things: my son Mark is incapacitated by Alzheimer’s; Trump is threatening us all; and our dog Guinness developed a rare flesh eating disease that quickly killed him; and, finally, my younger son Scott moved from our house to his new home in New Mexico.  These many things, coming all at once, really devastated me.  A dear friend of mine suggested that I talk to a therapist.  I thought about it and did make an appointment with a therapist connected with my GP’s office in Gunbarrel.  He really helped me with a couple of basic suggestions.

I now spend up to one hour each day contacting legislators by phone or email regarding issues which I feel need to be addressed.  I just called Longmont’s El Committee today, advising them that if they learn of any ICE round up of immigrants in our community to let me know as I would offer to be part of a group of neighbors who would form a human line to prevent the removal of undocumented immigrants.  We are a sanctuary city and our law enforcement officers would not become involved in helping ICE arrest our neighbors.  Of course, I might be thrown in a federal jail.

Trump’s Muslim ban is one of the issues that concern me.  Our constitution grants freedom of religion.   And Trump’s eventual elimination of the EPA and the Endangered Species Act will affect every human being in the US and the planet.  We need a full investigation of the Flynn/Trump/Russia situation.  Our democracy is endangered.  Trump would like to make it his dictatorship.


I keep urging our politicians to ditch the southern border wall and use the funds for infrastructure on our roads and bridges.  This would put thousands of people back to work.  But the roads and bridges should not be privatized.  Roads, bridges and all infrastructure should be paid for through taxes and used by all without usage fees or tolls.

This past Saturday I spent from 1 to 2 pm at 6th and Main St in Longmont with about 50 other demonstrators protesting Trump’s actions and waving to the many supportive people passing by.   Most people waved back and honked their horns.  A few flipped us the bird but you continue to smile and wave.

Last Saturday I was down in Boulder participating in a protest march with about 500 other citizens.  I will attend the protests in Longmont and Boulder on alternate weekends.

One of our Colorado senators, Cory Gardner, a republican, has called us paid activists.  I write him often and tell him “I am not a paid activist/demonstrator.” He will not meet with his constituents at a town hall meeting and is taking the heat for refusing to hear out the voters.

Seemingly in another world, I have several upcoming events where I will be showing my art.  I have just recently begun painting again as I try to recover from all the troubles mentioned above.

Two weeks after Guinness died, we acquired a 5 month old puppy from Big Bones Canine Rescue in Ft. Collins.  Her name is Nora and she is beautiful, black, and a mix that resembles a labrador retriever.  Being a rescue dog she has some behavior issues from her previous life in Arkansas.  But we are working on these and hopefully in a few months she will be over her problems.  Ken is repairing our old invisible fence to keep her away from our neighbors horses and the wild animals that roam our area.  We will train her for a week or two so that she understands the fence before we actually use it.  Our older dog, Lily, is becoming accustomed to Nora.  She would become accustomed more quickly if Nora was not so exuberant in her contact with Lily.  Nora wants to be friendly, but can get too rough with the old dog.  The best part is that Nora is the most affectionate dog we have ever had.

Son Scott is in his new home in Velarde, NM.  Ken visited before Scott bought the house but I have not yet been there.  It is half an hour from Taos.   His 3.5 acre property butts right up against the Rio Grande.  Fortunately, there will not be a wall there.  I do miss him and his three dogs after his year-long stay in our home, but I’m glad he is happy in his home and location.

I wish I had better and happier news for you but these are trying times.  As long as I live I will try to make our community and our country a better place for all.

Love to all,

Diane & Ken


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