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January 7, 2013

Happy New Year everyone.  Holidays are fun, but they are so exhausting.  We give two parties, one we call the neighbors’ party and the other, the artists party.  We had over 40 people at the artists party.  It’s fun to get together with friends with a bit of wine and good food.

I met a friend of mine, Gretchen Heuring, for a cup of coffee.  We chatted for a while and she said besides wanting to talk and giving me a hug, she had official business.  She asked if I would judge the St. Stephens 2013 Art Show.  I was thrilled and honored.  What a great opportunity.  You can be sure that I will take my time, evaluating the art.  I will definitely be fair with the awards.

Our friends the Treats from Connecticut are coming out to Colorado more often as their son and his partner have a lovely baby girl.  They have bought a condo in Longmont and are enjoying exploring the area.  We took them on a hike to Diamond Lake which is at 11,000 plus feet elevation.  They were concerned about the altitude and their ability to do the hike.  I told them not to worry; we were not going to run up the mountain.  We took our time and they achieved their goal, Diamond Lake.  Which is like a diamond in the rough, a beautiful place to be.

Since Ken retired last spring he has been uncertain of what to do.  Inactivity is not his thing.  Recently he joined with Boulder County Parks and Open Space as a volunteer ranger.  He gets regular training and an opportunity to work with the professional rangers in areas the public is unaware of.  Boulder County is at the foot of the Rockies.  Our parks and even the towns have bears and lions roaming about in addition to hundreds of elk and deer and other furry things.  Ken hikes the County trails and counts the hikers, mountain bikers and dogs, and works to keep people safe and happy on these heavily used places.

We have taken our pets to Longs Peak Animal Hospital ever since we moved here.  On one wellness exam for Lily and Guinness, Dr. Meyer advised Guinness needed anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned, a more expensive procedure.  I must mention that Dr. Meyer asked me to hang paintings in their clinic.  I gladly agreed to.  There was one painting “Single Track” which she wanted to give as a Christmas gift.  She asked that I not put a sold sign on it, as it was to be a surprise.  In return she asked if bartering for the painting and cleaning Guinness’ teeth would be acceptable.  I gladly agreed.

Just recently a couple had to put their dog down and I had paintings in the exam room they were in.  She loved one of my paintings “Sunset Over Perdenale”.  Her husband came over Christmas eve day and purchased the painting as a surprise Christmas gift.  The gentleman works for IBM and does a lot of website work and is a specialist in color.  He was extremely complimentary on my handling of color.  I truly appreciated his comments.

December 14th we celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary.  Sugarbeet Restaurant is an excellent restaurant where we go to celebrate special occasions and did so for our anniversary.  We even got a complimentary glass of champagne to go with our PEI oysters.

Denver Art Museum  has an exclusive on the Van Gogh exhibit.  Personnel at the DAM (Denver Art Museum) worked at putting this show together and this is the only place in the world where this exhibit can be viewed.  Dot, Sally and I went to see this exhibit in October.  It was really great.

Colorado photographer John Fielder showed his work in Longmont at the Muse Gallery.  We have a couple of his books.  I brought one and he signed it.  Mr. Fielder is especially fit as he must carry his equipment into remote areas where he takes his spectacular photos.

A few months ago there was a crop duster working the fields in front of our home.  We took photos of this fellow.  He swoops down to just a few feet from the ground and does the crop dusting.  He must be very good to avoid a fatal crash.  Well, I painted a picture of he and his plane and it is now in Mary’s Market, the old general store in Hygiene.

There is an annual Polar Plunge at the Boulder Reservoir on New Year’s day.  The day was very cold and the 37-degree waters are challenging.  This event attracts hundreds of people and this year they raised $24,000 that will be given to the Young Professionals Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado to advance research on AD.  Last year they raised $35,000.

Life is not an easy road.  Everyone can attest to this.  My older son Mark (55) has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s.  Ken is going to travel to Connecticut in a few days to pick up Mark and bring him back to visit us in Colorado.  He cannot travel by himself.  I cannot thank Ken enough for doing this so we can enjoy Mark, do some hiking with him, etc. while he can still recognize us.  Scott, my younger son, will drive up from Los Alamos to visit with us also.  We will be enjoying the moment(s).

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying our new year 2013.

Best wishes for health and happiness.


Diane and Ken

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