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August 19, 2013

Dear Friends and Relatives,

August, and the heat of summer is upon us.

This past Sunday we attended the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival event in Lyons, a nearby town.  We were able to set our chairs on a tarp that another couple had laid out.  Later in the afternoon, their friends arrived.  So, we pulled our chairs to one corner of the tarp.  We shared our binoculars with the group so that we could feel like part of their party.  The most interesting performer was by Charles Bradley who impersonated James Brown.  Backed by a great band and brass section, Charles set the audience to dancing.

We just lost a dear friend of 45 years, Chuck Hevenor.  He died suddenly of a blood clot/heart attack. You can found out more info about all of this from your local doctor, or a health news site.   Nancy and Chuck moved to Colorado 5 years ago to be near to their sons and their families.  They settled close to our home and we enjoyed seeing them often and have many wonderful memories of events/parties.  Chuck will be missed but not forgotten by his many friends.  Nancy is keeping busy with family.  We will keep an eye out for her.

A few days after Chuck passed away, Ken went bought a red Ducati motorcycle.  Why not!  He had been looking at one earlier and the sudden reminder of life’s brief duration inspired him to get this two-wheeled version of a Ferrari.  Ken rides the Ducati every day in the mountains near home.  He still has the BMW for multi-day rides and dirt road exploration.

I just delivered two paintings of Sandstone Ranch recreation center to Sue Jacobsen, who manages Sandstone Ranch for the City of Longmont.  She also manages Rhythm on the River where I got to know her.  She is a very capable lady and the city is lucky to have her.  Sue will hang my paintings at the Visitors Center at Sandstone Ranch.  If you are out this way and have sometime, the Visitors Center has some stuffed animals – typical of the animals in the area.  They are impressive.

Studio Tour is just around the corner.  It will be held September 28 and 29.  We will have four artists here at our location:  2 photographers, one glass artist and me, a pastel painter.

Last week Ken and I drove down to New Mexico to visit our son, Scott.  Scott is a park ranger at Bandelier National Monument, the remains of an ancient Indian community.  This park is located deep in a canyon and adjacent to Los Alamos National Labs (where the Hiroshima A-bomb was developed in secret).  The drive to Los Alamos, NM takes approximately 7 hours.  Good roads, lovely scenery, but a long, long drive.

We brought our two dogs, Guinness and Lily.  Scott has two dogs, Percy and Angus.  Angus is an Australian Cattle dog.  We were told he likes to nip at ankles.  He is a herding dog and is bred to herd cattle.  This little guy intimidated Lily.  Both our dogs stayed a good amount of time in the bedroom we occupied.

With Scott we drove to Taos and visited the Taos Pueblo.  Native American Indians still occupy the pueblo.  There are many small shops where the residents offer Native American pottery, jewelry, rugs, etc.  The church is particularly lovely and was the subject of an Ansel Adams photograph.  We took many photos and I now have a treasure trove of pictures to paint from.

The next day we toured the Valle Caldera, an immense grassy valley formed by an immense eruption that left a crater 12 miles in diameter but did not create a mountain like some volcanoes do.  This place is now a national monument.  It’s impressive size and beauty resulted in production of several Hollywood westerns there using a ranch house built especially for the movies.

We then continued to Jemez Springs, a sleepy little town whose store fronts are almost squeezed into the roadway by the surrounding hills.  The Jemez river carries sulfur and other minerals in such quantity that it created a salt dam blocking the flow.  The river now finds its way through a hole in the dam.  I do want to paint those rocks.  They are most unusual and will be difficult, but again, a treasure trove of photos.

We have included a couple of photos.  Hope you enjoy them.




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